I asked you for a plant

I asked you for a plant
For I wanted to see if I can nourish
If I have that maternal instincts
Or even the discipline to keep something alive
For asking for a dog, seemed like a deeper dive
A year passed, I forgot
And then suddenly on the anniversary I got a card
With the card there were chocolates, flowers, a cake
And oh, hidden behind it was a plant
A green stem, upright in the sand
It was beautiful, stuck in a small, white pot
I would water it every day, sometimes I would forget
For I am no mother, very selfish I am, I could introspect
Days passed, and so did months
It had its bad days but always did it emerge
Greener, taller, only looking for a larger pot
The plant that marked the years we spent
It was blooming, flourishing, unkempt
until it wasn't
I couldn’t figure, was it a sign
For we were here not giving each other the time
I would water the stem, and I could see the colours changing
This time, not greener from green
But a shade of brown, dirty, not clean
For it was telling me, slowly & gradually
now it was the time
Time to move on, for you, for me, for it to die down
For what it marked, no more remained,
the vacant pot still sits in my window
white, now blackened further,
For the untouched things that remained
A reminder for the green, blooming, past



The little girl and her small world
With the penchant for the Ferris wheel
A wheel so tall, so huge
Her eyes would grasp the whole world
All at once
The world hidden from her
For far too long.
When on top of the world
She could kiss the stars, this time for real
And the people below, so small, so timid.
So close to the top, so far away from the earth
Her pendant which hangs on her neckline
Would fly up as the wheel goes down
And she wonders
Will it soar high?
Or would it go down, the necklace,
When wheel rotates and takes her down
From the topmost point back to the solid earth.

And then again, she continues to sit near the window
Staring at the giant wheel
Hoping, just hoping,
One fine day
She would touch the heights.

-Abhilasha S.

Done for Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Can you feel the void?

One more collaboration by my friend and I. One more breakup poem where A is me and S is my friend’s part.

S: I thought this day will never come
Our love will out stand all the mutual exclusiveness,

A: I thought with time our hearts will melt
Into one, fusing together, as they belong
Instead they are burning apart
With the fire in your heart
Not for me, for someone other.

This love is the game you played
This love is what you betrayed
No, no.
“Love” is what you shouldn’t have said
For in this life, I’ve got it loud and clear
The love you speak of
Exists, just not here

S: I was always there whenever you had nightmares
I used to hold you tight pulling out worst affairs
I thought you love me and the three words you speak
In my mind they were true more than “god exist”

I lost my heart to you, I lost my pride
I was so deep in love, didn’t realise you kept me aside
I thought you loved me, I am sorry for being here
But today coming true is the worst of my fear

A: We had our little rainbows
We had the heavy showers
We made love under the stars
We had fights for long hours

Never did I ever love you any less
Never did I feel you slipping away
But contemplating the things you say
I cannot take it this way

This is all in your head
You need to set us free
This bond is bound to break one day
Don’t give up your pride for me

You blew away the sand castles we made
For you thought I carved someone else’s name
You have always had your doubts
But I still trust you, hope you do the same.

S: But can you feel the void between us?
Can you feel there’s nothing left
If I try to fill the gap between us
With the arcs of rainbows
And the strength of mother earth
Will it last for days we are left with?

I  stood among you, yet miles apart I was
You could touch my heart from a distance
But did you feel the warmth of my promise?
There’s nothing left between us
Lips now only clash and not kiss

You saw our future together and said it’s of no worth
You told me to not keep my hopes high
Your warmth built a hearth stone in my heart
But did you heed the distance between us?

The Breakup piece

So my friend was in a really bad mood and wanted to write something. Together we came up with this where ‘S’ is my friend and ‘A’ is me.

S: I loved you and there is the major prize that I paid
We are falling apart and this is my last serenade

A: Don’t you go from loving to hating me
Step in my shoes you are all that I see

S: If only your eyes were clear
I could have seen the love
Though the eyes are open for me yet not the heart

A: My heart skipped a beat
When I saw u that first time
And it’s been beating forever
For you, all this while.
Don’t leave me hanging
From my life, do not depart.
Don’t borrow my soul,
only to tear it apart.

S: Am I one tearing it apart
You are the only one I ever got
Never did I even dream of taking a part of you away
You are the one forcing me to depart,to find another way
Sweet lies, sparkling eyes, I’ll miss them miss them a lot
Coz you are the only one I ever got

A: It’s been so long
You still don’t understand
Having you was the best thing
I could ever have
But now this fighting, these quarrels I cannot take
It’s not you neither me with the mistake
Close together yet miles apart
We need to find our way back to the start.

S: Talking of the first time I saw you that day
That day was bright but it is raining today
You went too deep where no girl has ever been,
You made it hurt with the pain you have never seen,
I am dying to stay yet I am Leaving you,
But baby one last time I want to confront you,
Give me back the memories of our first kiss,
You are the one I don’t ever want to miss
Coz in my new life you won’t even exist.

A: If staying apart is what you want
This permission then I’ll grant
If keeping me alone is your wish
I’ll be standing under the mistletoe
The place we had our first kiss
Do remember, in this life I will not forget
Your touch, your kiss, your look, your smell
You feel like leaving then, so be it
My arms will stay wide open forever still.

S: If I was standing in the middle of your life
Why was I deprived of the appreciation,
Even after all the real sacrifices
Why was I a hallucination
I stood there crying,begging for your attention
This day is nothing but your own implication.

The Day it all Stopped

it stopped

The day my heart stopped

Well it was the day of my brain

I was studying, full concentration

No thoughts of a futuristic lover.

The day my heart stopped,

I was rational and I was wise

It was like a prize, given by this life

I needed my heart no longer

The day my heart stopped,

I was mean and selfish they say,

I was ready to fight and burn it all away

I knew what was right and what was wrong

But I did not know right or wrong.

The day my heart stopped

My brain was the king

He made me do things

I could never have did

I made them cry,

Asked them to go, die

There was sorrow and despair,

but oh, how could I know

my heart wasn’t there,

The day my Brain stopped working

Where did my sense go?

I was emotional, sentimental,

Overflowing with emotions

Always feeling a little danger.

The day my brain stopped,

I chose life, and I chose things lively,

Pursuing comfort in my lovely chair

sitting, I would reminisce the jolly old days

The day my brain stopped working

My heart was alive

To teach me the worth of this life

I wished for rainy morning,

Seeked fireflies at night

I hoped to be with the bird,

take on a flight

The day I got all my senses back

My brain in my head

the heart on the left

Life has been a constant battle

Pleasure and pain, I have felt together

Now that they are both are alive

With an imperfectly perfect harmony I will survive.


Different shades in her life,  and a different life she gave to the shades.

Different shades in her life,
and a different life she gave to the shades.

Hazel eyes beaming with the confidence

into her love, she could persuade

Different shades in her life

and a different life she gave to the shades

Hints of the vivacious red

between the silky black hair

expressing the hidden smile from within

rosy lips with a pinkish layer

Her face, a reddish hue

a warm glow, high on life

Her cheeks, here a little green of envy

and there, a pale yellowish shy

Her favourite turquoise earrings she wore

and the pretty little blue dress

with all the different shades in her life

with all her shades, he was impressed.

But, like no two rainbows perfectly alike,

colour, not shape is what he missed

for she came in different shades

and his’ was the only shade she skipped

All I Needed

The writer’s block has hit me real hard. I haven’t written for a long time. Now with the onset of National Poetry Writing Month I decided to why not give my poetic side one more chance. SO now, I start of with his really simple poem. Wish me luck guys, to write start writing poems again.

NaPoWriMo Day 1

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 1

NaPoWriMo 2015 Day 1

Like a fresh summer breeze
you flew through the curtains
of my heart, which you opened
and took away the pain.

An uninvited visitor
a knock on my door
Oh! that one look was enough
Enough to sweep me off the floor.

A soft zephyr
the chill through my veins
You are my sunshine
in the pouring rain.

I was lost in a maze
trying to find myself
But, when I found you
You were all I needed.

  • Abhilasha S.



could be seen,
in her remorseful eyes
when the soldier
gives a reassuring look.
He will return soon.


could be seen in her eyes
as he departed
only hoping to return soon
from the hostile place
where his life is at stake.


could be seen
in little child’s strong eyes.
He will not cry this time,
only wait for the father to return.


could be seen
in mother’s despondent eyes
disapproving yet reassuring
son will make her proud.


could be seen
in the soldier’s eyes
for the country
for his nation
no less than for the family,
only a little different.
love greater than humanity
love for a brighter prosperity
A selfless love.



The red rose
red as the blood gushing out
freeing itself from the veins
freed by the thorn
that protects the naive petals
pricking the flesh which touched them.

For me you were my thorns
but the strong, powerful, protecting thorns.
Robust yet so tender
safeguarding me from the demonic spirits
the spirits that touched my vulnerable soul.

Buried next to you
are the memories countless
which will bury along, but never die,
and the red rose which sits on your grave
a bittersweet emotions in your embrace
as the rose, dead too, still there it lies.

Prompt by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie Prompt #64 Ya’aburnee

Both morbid and beautiful at once, this incantatory word means “You bury me,” a declaration of one’s hope that they’ll die before another person because of how difficult it would be to live without them.


Blog Tour

I was invited to do this blog tour by Lorrie Bowden form http://lorriebowden.com/



Her blog has a simple tagline ‘Blessitude: I am so glad and full of gratitude’ I think this speaks for itself. She was diagnosed with Lyme’s Disease. But, unlike some, she did not let it take over her. she is a really positive soul who believes in optimism and knows that life has much more to offer. She writes some amazing poetry and especially her haikus are a treat for the soul. Please do visit her blog if you want to read some really good, meaningful and touching poems.

Rule for this blog tour are:
Thank the blogger who invited you with a link to my blog
State the rules
Answer the 4 questions about yourself
Write a small introductory paragraph of the bloggers you invite…include their link and photo…and you pick the date that they will post.

Question about myself:
What am I writing/working on?
My main priority is this blog which I had no intentions of taking this far. Apart from blogging I am writing poems to submit in various magazines and anthologies. I will notify you once, perhaps if, I get published.

How does my work differ from others of the same genre?
There’s a saying- ‘To each, his own.’ I don’t know if it means what I think it is. But I write my thought which are obviously different from others. People say that their work defines them. For me, my work sometimes define me, sometimes portrays opposite of my personality, sometimes what I would like to become. But in the end, it is just what I feel like writing.

Why do I write/do what I do?
I write when I got nothing else to do. I write when I have so much work to do. Mostly, I write to relieve the pressure. I write just because I want to.

What is my creative process?
I think it’s a little old-fashioned but I generally prefer to make a first the first draft on paper. When I am satisfied with it, I type it out. Usually a line or a thought comes out of the blue. But when it doesn’t I tend to go for the prompts. It’s a good thing on wordpress that people always inspire me to write more.

The following beautiful people and excellent bloggers are my recommendations:



  • Kimberly at http://words4jp.wordpress.com/
    The essentials: Kimberly, currently live in the Northwest Burbs of Illinois, divorced with two boys – one 19, the other 16, has a three-legged dog. She write lovely poems above life, love and about her really cute dog. Her short and sweet poems have such deep messages.

With a great tagline of his blog ‘Truth as it is’, he does represent his blog truthfully. Writing about life and a lot of true incidents, his poetry portrays a real picture of life, good or bad.


I am sorry I have only 2 recommendations. I had no internet connection for a long time so I couldn’t contact people. But the above recommendation truly deserve it.

Mamihlapinatapei (Lanturne Poem)

Mindlovemisery's Menagerie

Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

could speak
when your heart was

My heart felt
when you passed me

feel, this
Cannot let it

know you
feel the same
just too scared to

can stare
in your eyes
forever so

when eyes
meet unsaid
words expressed with

eyes try to
decipher this

deep in
my soul, it
is my heart you

Mamihlapinatapei mean “The wordless,  yet meaningful look shared by two people who both desire to initiate something but are both reluctant to start.” This word was suggested by Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie prompt #62. Also the poetry format I used is called Lanturne Poem. The Lanturne is a five-line verse shaped like a Japanese lantern with a syllabic pattern of one, two, three, four, one.

Leibster Award (by Anoop and Imabookworm)

After procrastinating it for so long, I am finally ready with this post that too, saying thanks to 2 bloggers in one post (Go on, call me lazy)


A Vote Of Gratitude:

Anoop at ‘Tranquil Yet Alive’ nominated me for this lovely award. It hasn’t been long since I followed his blog. But, in this short time I can say that he is a brilliant writer, a great person and a automobile-maniac. He has a great blog where he writes about many aspects of life, hobbies, and interests. One of my favourite post by him:  ‘Date A Man Who Rides A Bullet’. It actually tells about his deep passion for his bike. He has an amazing blog which you would not like to miss out on.

Imabookworm and Dragonspark at http://imab00kworm.wordpress.com/ nominated me for the Leibster Award. As always, it feels great to be nominated. Thank you so much guys for considering me 🙂 Both Imabookworm and Dragonspark are fabulous writers. They write both fiction and poetry. Some great post by them are  Mini-messy and Russian Snowflake.


  1. Thank the Liebster Award presenter who nominated you and link back to his or her blog. (Done)
  2. Post 11 facts about yourself, answer the 11 questions you were asked and create 11 questions for your nominees.
  3. Nominate small (no more than 200 followers) blogs who you feel deserve to be noticed and leave a comment on their blog letting them know that they have been chosen.
  4. Display the Liebster Award logo.
  5. No tag-backs, meaning you can’t just re-nominate the person who nominated you.

Questions by Anoop:

1. Are you addicted to something? If yes, What? (other than alcohol, cigars and drugs)

No. And I would hate anybody who come in close proximity to these things especially cigars and drugs.

2. What does money mean to you? Why? (No one liners please)

Melinda Gates in an interview said, “From those to whom much is given, much is expected”
So yes, money is a big responsibility but also, a necessity.

3. What is your passion? What do you like to do the most apart from eating and sleeping?

Reading, writing, music, and imagining stuff. I would say that I dream a lot. Even if I know that those things are not going to happen, still it feel great to think about good possibilities.

4. What quality of your best friend/friends do you admire?

My best friend: She is a troublemaker. But, when she gets into trouble, she always has a way to get out of it. That’s the best thing about her. Apart for that, she has a great sense of humour and I always have a great time with her.

5. Have you ever felt guilty for doing something in life that keeps troubling you even now?

I don’t like to go on guilt-trips. If something’s already been done, there is no point in feeling guilty about stuff you can no more change.

6. What is that one good thing that you can proudly say to anyone about yourself, I mean a lesson from your life that people can learn?

There is a picture that inspires me whenever things aren’t going great. The quote sounds clichéd but whenever my friends read this, it does cheer them up a bit and it says: “This too shall pass”

7. Have you ever been in a relationship with someone? If yes what did you learn/admire / hate about being in a relationship?

No relationship so far and I don’t think I intend to have one in near future. I just hate that they don’t last.

8. Whom do you admire the most in your family? (Doesn’t need to be your parents or siblings, can be cousins or anyone in the family)

My sister: she is the best. Being the elder child, she suffered a lot of parental pressure but yet, she turned out to be a great person and a great sister. I admire her and I love her.

9. What kind of person are you? (Funny/humorous/serious/shy…….)

Honestly, I don’t know. My nature changes with the people I am with. With some, I am a crazy, funny, risk-taking girl. With stranger, I am completely serious. With people I know but I don’t really talk to, I am shy. So that’s all of them.

10. If you were given a chance to go out on a dinner with, Who would that lucky one be?

Enrique Iglesias. I love his music and I love his voice.

Dan Brown. I want to know how he comes up with such great ideas

11. Which is your favorite post from your blog? If I would insist that you pick one out of the lot. Which one would that be?

All of them are poems. So, I will choose one of the oldest poems from my blog ‘Red‘. It’s that like the best poem or anything. But, it’s one of the earliest and very close to heart. Also, I wrote it during studies for my maths exam (which, by the way, went awesome :P)

Questions by Imabookworm and Dragonspark

What’s a good book ending/ what’s the best book ending you’ve read?

There are many I would say. But this time I’ll go with ‘Angels and Demons’ by Dan Brown. I mean, with the last 100 pages I had such adrenaline rush going.

What’s the most interesting thing you’ve ever done or that has ever happened to you?

Not that I can recall right now. It’s been a year since I started reading books again and in the past month I have read 12 books which feels great. And pretty interesting for me too.

What is/would be (if you had one) first on your bucket list?

I got a huge bucket list. But the first is pretty much to get into college. Once that is done, I can easily move on to other things like learn swimming, run a marathon, travel the world and it goes on.

If you could change one thing in the world what would it be?

I would like to stop racism and sexism. It does sound preachy, but this is something which is destroying the lives of so many people.

What time period would you live in if you had the choice (“now” and “the future” are not valid answers) and why?

If in the past, I would go to the time of Adam and Eve, see how it’s like to be the first ever human race possible. In future, I want the time when we can actually record our dreams. It would be so cool to record all the weird stuff we imagine.

You’re stranded on a desert island with four books, two movies, and an album. What are they?

4 books: The fault in our stars (already read it twice, still can’t keep it down :P)

one book by each:  Dan Brown book, Khaled Hosseini, Harry Potter (i.e. JK Rowling)

I don’t think I would watch movies when I have books and music with me. But the movies I can say are Bandidas (I can watch it as many time as I can),  Knight and Day (One of the very few I have watched) or anything with Johnny Depp would do.

Album(s):  I just won’t agree with taking just one. You have got to understand, it’s a lonely island. So I would go with Night Vision by Imagine dragons, One of the boys by Katy Perry and any one by Enrique Iglesias.

If you could play any role in any movie, what would that role be and why?

There’s a movie ‘Bandidas’. It’s such a great movie. Penelope Cruz and Salma Hayak are riding horses, shooting, aiming knifes at people. Basically, everything I would love to do (not the stealing part though). Plus, I find the movie really funny.

You can go on a three week road trip. Where are you going and what’s your ride?

Europe. I have no idea if you can cover France, Switzerland, Italy in a single road trip. But, I would sure like to visit these places.

It’s the best day of your life. What happens?

If I have to imagine stuff it’ll be when I write a book, get it published and the book becomes a bestseller 😀

You are stranded on a desert island with a box (of any shape or size). What’s in the box? (The answer can’t be the same as the desert island question above

My phone, earphone and something for an internet connection. Yep, I am officially addicted to this stuff.

I figured you might have gotten tired with the “why do you blog?” (either DragonSpark too or he just didn’t think about it) but if you want to answer it as a bonus question feel free.

I started out as a random hear-me-out kind of approach. But, later I realized that maybe my poems have started to be a little meaningful.  So, now I blog to show my poems. Also, I get to stay in touch with some really cool people.

 And the award goes to:







Questions for the nominees:

1.What is your passion? What do you like to do the most apart from eating and sleeping?

2.What quality of your best friend/friends do you admire?

  1. Whom do you admire the most in your family?

  2. What is/would be (if you had one) first on your bucket list?

  3. You’re stranded on a desert island with four books, two movies, and an album. What are they?

  4. Which one book character you would want to be like?

  5. You are stranded on a desert island with a box (of any shape or size). What’s in the box? (The answer can’t be the same as the desert island question above

  6. Pick a favourite lyrics from a song.

9. What was the last movie or TV show that made you laugh out loud?

  1. Is there anything that you just don’t get? (E.g. “I just don’t get video games/Twitter/… I mean what’s that all about?!”)

11 . Which is your favorite post from your blog? If I would insist that you pick one out of the lot. Which one would that be?


Robert Dowling

Robert Dowling

The sun looks upon me
making me squint my eyes to look far
How far can my eyes reach?
This lingering doubt I have had since
How far and wide the eyes can see
from the highest point of the tallest tree
If I travel with my eyes, how far will I reach
Certainly farther than this tree
and further away to discover the real me

I sit on this branch, my eyes seeking something
They see the girl who waits for the bird
the little birdie which sits next to her
they fail to see the bird she is
a phoenix, ready to burn
only to rise a little more higher.

Just a flame to ignite
And a hunger to leave a mark
Just a vision to look far and wide
She is on the hunt, a hunt for the spark.

PHOTO PROMPT BY Mindlovemisery’s Menagerie

Finding My Heart

Abhilasha s.

At the end of the season of rainbow
Deep under snow, each step will show
Under white frost, there lies my heart
It’s the beginning of a new start.
Cold does my heart feel, senses are numb
Spirits revived, heart beating like a drum.
The fire in me will melt the frost
I’ll find my heart where it was lost.

Pooky’s Prompt: Write a poem which contains exactly 60 words http://pookypoetry.wordpress.com/2014/06/29/poetry-prompt-60-sixty/

Poetry Anthology

Free to download from 27 to 30 June. Do give it a try 🙂

Abhilasha Singh

Cover Page Cover Page

Three of my poems are published in the anthology ‘Help Wanted: Poets Please Apply’. The anthology was headed by Emily Sturgill at  http://sexinthekitchensink.wordpress.com.

Kindle Edition is available here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L6O5P7C

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Do check this out to see some wonderful poems by some wonderful bloggers. Also, the anthology will be free to download on June 27-30. So do check this out.

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Say No To Drugs (acrostic)

Say no to drugs by Abhilasha S.

Say no to drugs by Abhilasha S.

She left him high and alone when he was
Aching under the pressure
Yearning for a life all along
Not saying no when he should have
Orange eyes,a weak heart
Troubled with thought yet taking in more
Others let him fall into it
Drugging his way into dark future
Ruptured the senses to come back from
Unfathomable abyss.
Got into choosing drugs when,
Should have said yes to life.

June 26 is International Day Against Drug Abuse and Illicit Trafficking. Now, this poem did not turn out as I wanted it too. But, you get the idea that you should say no to drugs, right?


Poetry Anthology

Cover Page

Cover Page

Three of my poems are published in the anthology ‘Help Wanted: Poets Please Apply’. The anthology was headed by Emily Sturgill at  http://sexinthekitchensink.wordpress.com.

Kindle Edition is available here: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00L6O5P7C

Paperback edition is available here: https://www.createspace.com/4868750

Do check this out to see some wonderful poems by some wonderful bloggers. Also, the anthology will be free to download on June 27-30. So do check this out.

Preview my Anthology for Free: FREE PROMO DAYS

I have my poems in this anthology. Do check this out 🙂


With the combined efforts of my other poet friends, “Help Wanted:Poets please Apply.” is available on the kindle. And I just re-submitted files for the paperback version.
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Have A Little Hope


A lovely angel at night
carassed my hair with love
‘You are the star all above’
She would say and leave my sight.

With starlight and my beaming eyes
uplifting spirits, smile on my face
I was hopeful for a brighter place
For sorrow, my smile was the guise.

A magical touch and it came to me
One comes when I thought I was lost
One came when I needed the most
An angel called hope, to set me free.

These mere four letters
lost alone in an abyss meaningless
taught a lesson in togetherness
It says that it gets better.

Hope strikes me when I lose it all
Hope inspires when the world stop helping
Hope creeps in with the morning light looking
Hope keeps the key to the door of my soul.

Rain (Haiku)

Rain haiku by Abhilasha S.

Drop fall from heaven
smiling under open sky
first shower in June

open the window
Do let the aroma in
feel the elation

forget umbrella
dancing without music
sans pain, sans despair

stretched arms out and wide
it’s what happiness feels like
collect drops in hand

sink in a puddle
sometimes they try to swim too
paper boats in rain

drip, drip the drops fall
rippled-puddles on the road
kicked, water splashed up.

raindrops on my cheeks
after summertime sadness
satisfies the thrust.